Drain Cleaning Services in San Francisco

With all of the drains running to and from your home you can be sure of one thing, sooner or later you will have a clogged drain blocking the flow of water into your home or the flow of waste out of your home. When a drain clog happens it can put a complete stop to your daily routine. This can be a cause for additional stress, which is something that nobody ever wants or needs. When you are experiencing a drain pipe issue it can be confusing with all of the options out there. With so many companies saying they provide service, who is the drain cleaning service that fits best with your needs?

At Rooter Strong, we have dedicated ourselves to your complete satisfaction. We built this company to ensure that customers in San Francisco & surrounding CA communities are getting fast, friendly & affordable service 24/7. All of our technicians are highly trained & experienced to handle all of your drain needs, anytime of the day or night! We are a true locally owned & family operated company based in San Francisco. What this means to you is that you are not paying extra fees because we don’t have to pay royalties to anyone! We specialize in both residential & commercial services. At Rooter Strong we never charge trip fees or overtime charges, just another way to say we appreciate you for choosing us, and we want you to be our customer for life!

Clogged Drain Repair Services You Can Count On!

As mentioned above, your drains are responsible not only for the water that comes into your home, but also all the waste that goes out of your home and heads into the city sewers or your properties septic system. Your drains are designed to work together to ensure your plumbing system is working properly. One little hiccup and that whole system can become backed up, quickly causing additional problems to the system as a whole.

What can I do to reduce the chance of drain clogs?
-Flush only toilet paper down the toilet. By using the toilet paper only rule you can help save yourself the stress of a backed up toilet. Many times we have seen a toilet clog that could have been avoided if paper towels and feminine products where not flushed down the pipe. We recommend only flushing toilet paper down the pipes, because it is made for the toilet and your plumbing system.

-Disposing large portions into the trash instead of the disposal. Growing up we were all told, throw that into the trash, don’t put it in the garbage disposal. If we only obeyed that simple rule we could all save ourselves from broken garbage disposals and clogged kitchen sinks. You should never throw potato peels, or peels of any sort into the disposal. The disposal may seem convenient to dispose of the items, but it was designed for small scraps that were missed while throwing away leftovers into the trash.

-Keep shower & tub drain free of debris. This one takes a little getting use to, but will slowly become a habit that can help protect you from drain clogs in the future. After your done with the shower or the bath clean out excess hair. By doing this you can stop the dreaded “bathroom build up”. Hair is one of the most common causes for shower & bath drain clogs.

Help your drain help you! By doing the above three things you can help preserve the life of your drains. It won’t ensure that a clog wont happen within the pipes but it will go a long way in making sure your drains have a less likely chance of becoming clogged.