Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Foster City

Sewer lines are not constructed to last forever, although advancements in pipe materials have indeed extended their average lifespan. If your home or building was built circa 1970, it is highly likely that its sewage system is in need of inspecting.

Cast-iron is one of the original sewer line products, and it is typically rated to last upwards of 60 years or so, notwithstanding any premature wear and tear. The same applies to clay sewer lines in Foster City. While most new builds feature plastic PVC; many people are still using pipes from a few decades ago.

Keep in mind that age is not the sole determining factor for sewer line repair and replacement, as the professional plumbing crew at Rooter Strong has serviced a number of sewer lines as well. Settling foundations, shifting soil, and faulty installations by inexperienced contractors can all cause your Foster City sewer lines to break.

Trenchless sewer line repair…because you do not have time to waste

The dangers associated with malfunctioning sewer lines cannot be stressed enough. In addition to causing wastewater and toxic sewage to back up into your residential or commercial drains, a damaged sewer main can force this waste to leak into the surrounding landscape as well.

The risks posed by sewage contamination are very real; each year over 2 million people are afflicted by illnesses caused by contact with the bacteria and viruses found in backed up waste. Committed to protecting our customers’ health and well-being (both physically and financially), Rooter Strong specializes in the repair and replacement of sewer lines via trenchless pipe technology.

  • Pipe relining is a very effective means for sealing leaking sewer mains, and is carried out by the installation of a cured-in-place line. Coated in an expandable epoxy resin, these retrofit pipes are just as durable and made to last just as long as a standard pipe.
  • Pipe bursting is the other trenchless sewer line alternative, and it is best suited for replacing sewage systems that have experienced extreme damage. When there is no chance of salvaging the existing line, this is the method Rooter Strong uses.

Both pipe relining and bursting are far cheaper than conventional excavation, and they make for very quick project completions. Our local, licensed plumbing experts offer 24/7 service, and have the equipment needed to repair or replace your Foster City sewer lines!

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