Tankless Water Heaters in Foster City

Tankless water heaters have been around for years now, but many home and business owners are still relying on tank style models for their hot water needs. Although a lot of people can get by just fine with conventional water heating technology, an increasing number of Rooter Strong’s residential and commercial customers in Foster City have gained from the upgrade to tankless.

Households with heavy water demand needs typically tend to see the greatest benefit, particularly regarding monthly cost-savings. As well, if you have ever went to take a shower, only to find that all of the hot water had ran out, you know how frustrating of an experience it was. This type of thing happens all the time when there are multiple people living under the same roof, and one problem that a tankless water can easily resolve!

If you have been thinking of upgrading your existing water heater, Rooter Strong provides affordable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What kind of water heater is best for me?

Now for the million dollar question….what kind of water heater should you get? Since everyone has unique needs, it is helpful to know what circumstances tank style and tankless models fare better in.

How much hot water does your home use at a given time? – It may seem like more than enough, but 50-75 gallons (the average capacity of a water heater tank) can be used pretty quickly in the average household. A couple long showers by the early risers in your home can ruin the morning for everyone else; since tankless models provide on-demand hot water, your family can enjoy as much as it wants.

How old is your current water heater? – if your tank style model is only a few years old, it may be in your best interest to wait a few years to upgrade, especially if your hot water usage is average to low. However, a device that is approaching the decade mark will typically start to demonstrate signs of wear and tear and run more inefficiently. In these cases, it is cheaper from both a short and long-term perspective to upgrade to tankless!

The Rooter Strong crew can help you select the perfect water heater, as well as repair and service your existing one. Locally owned and operated, our licensed crew is always here when you need us, Foster City!

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