Water Heater Repair in San Francisco

Hot water heaters in San Francisco homes come in both traditional and tankless. A traditional water heater is the big tank that sits in the laundry room, or perhaps in the garage. This system is constantly heating up water all day, everyday even when you do not need it, and usually consists of a 30% of more of a homes energy cost! These systems usually run on natural gas or electric, and once the hot water is gone, you have to wait until more hot water can be prepared. A tankless water heater on the other hand gives you the opportunity to get hot water on demand. Your tankless system only heats the water you are using which cuts down on wasted energy costs, and help you enjoy the benefits hot water provides without running cold.

Your hot water heater plays a significant role in your families day to day life. Having the right water heater depends on several aspects. How many people live in the home and how much hot water is used on a daily basis. We never give hot water a second thought, until nothing but cold water comes through when showering or trying to wash dishes after a fabulous meal. Having hot water is a necessity. Sure, without it you can still shower, unpleasantly, but who looks forward to a cold shower in the morning?

Your hot water system is probably one of the only appliances you use multiple times a day, everyday. If you are like most, you never even think about having to replace or repair it.

However, most standard hot water units last for only about 10 years and need to be replaced for a number of reasons. We do recommend you have an annual check up on your water heater to ensure it is preforming correctly. This can save you hundreds of dollars in bills and can help your unit function correctly longer.

Tankless or Standard Water Heater? Which is best for my San Francisco home?

There are a lot of things to consider when making the decision to replace your homes water heating system. The best thing to do is weigh the pros and cons and see which is a better fit for you and your family. The more water consumption, the better a tankless system will look to ensure your families water needs are met. Below we have listed some of the pros and cons of each.

If you call Rooter Strong, one of our technicians will come to your home and do a free evaluation and help explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system.


What is the cost for a new water heater?
While a traditional water heater can be cheaper to install, it will cost you more each month, and doesn’t give you the benefits of “endless hot water”. On the other hand the tankless version does cost a bit more to install, but is a lot more energy effiecient and will lower your monthly energy bills.

How long does the water heater last?
A traditional water heater usually has a life of around 10 years (give or take a couple depending on usage and care). A tankless system has a life of around 20 years.

Home space & availability of the space.
Traditional water heaters do take up alot more space in your home. The 50 gallon tanks are usually 60″ tall and 24″ wide. This is a nice chunk of space you are giving up, especially if you are in a smaller home where you want all the space you can get. On the other hand the tankless system is similar to the size of a computer.

If you have question about the right water heating system for you, call Rooter Strong today. We are your local, licensed & experienced water heater repair, installation & replacement experts in San Francisco. One of our highly trained technicians will come to your home and help you find the right solution to all of your homes water heating needs!