Drain Cleaning & Clog Repair in Palo Alto

Drains are an important part of every Palo Alto sewage system, and one of the most common problems the professional plumbers at Rooter Strong are hired to fix. Clogs happen every day for a wide array of reasons, and it is very important to have them cleared as soon as possible.

Drain system issues typically develop slowly; the gradual buildup of hair and other debris result in the formation of blockages. The problem is, however, that many home and business owners fail to address clogs until they become worse. The moment you notice it is taking longer for the water in your sink or shower stalls to flow, is when you should get in touch with a local, licensed plumbing contractor like Rooter Strong.

Drain cleaning services are offered by many companies, but hiring the right on is obviously very important. The end goal should be to get rid of the existing blockage(s) and make sure they do not return. Our technicians are available 24/7 and are trained to handle every residential and commercial drain cleaning project! Simply put, it does not take much for a minor clog to turn into a full blown plumbing system nightmare.

How you can keep your drains healthy

  • Only flush toilet paper – while it may seem like commonsense, many people flush non-biodegradable materials down their toilets every day. If you have a habit of dispensing feminine products and other materials on a regular basis, be prepared for a clog in the near future.
  • Use garbage disposals wisely – there is a prevailing belief that these devices are catch-all’s, a misconception that has got many home and business owners into trouble. Clogged sinks can be avoided by placing potato peels, pasta, egg shells, and many other off-limit food items in the garbage can instead.
  • Snake your drains regularly – plastic snake tools are very cheap and are an excellent way to reduce the amount of build-up in your tub and shower drains. By keeping debris to a minimum, the chances of a major blockage forming are low.

You can save yourself a lot of time and money by following the above tips for your Palo Alto drain system. In the event you are unable to free a drain clog, do not hesitate to get in touch with a Rooter Strong technician today. We have been performing affordable drain cleaning and clogged drain repair services in the region for 20 years!

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