Sewer Line Cleaning in Palo Alto

Sewer lines are a critical component of every residential and commercial plumbing system in Palo Alto, and they are often neglected by home and business owners. Hidden from view, it is not surprising that most people only pay attention to their sewage pipes when they start having problems.

Rooter Strong is a firm believer of performing proactive maintenance, whether that means using commercial cleaning solutions on a periodic basis or paying close attention to the tell-tale signs and symptoms of a sewage system calamity. The more informed you are, the less likely you will have to deal with and pay for a major repair. Our technicians are sufficiently prepared to handle any sewer line problem, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience!

How do I know if my Palo Alto sewer lines are having issues?

There are numerous ways to tell if your sewage system is experiencing problems. By determining early on that something is wrong, a quick call to the licensed team at Rooter Strong can eradicate the issue before it gets worse. In any event, the longer you wait to have your Palo Alto sewer lines fixed, the more problematic the situation will be.

  • A rapidly increased water bill – slight elevations in monthly usage are normal and to be expected, but one way to tell right away whether your Palo Alto sewer lines are damaged is looking for a sudden upsurge. There is bound to be a leak somewhere; to avoid spending an extraordinary amount on your subsequent bills and sustaining water damage, contact Rooter Strong immediately.
  • A drop in water pressure in flow – pressure changes will occur anytime there is a leak in your primary or secondary sewer lines. It goes without saying that a cracked or burst sewer main will result in a major drop in wastewater pressure.

Foul smells coming from your lawn, walls, or floors are also indicative of a sewer line problem. Rooter Strong can clean away built-up debris via augers and hydro-jetters, or replace your residential or commercial sewage pipes altogether with trenchless technology. We strongly urge you to get in touch if you notice any of the above symptoms. Feel free to call or email us today for a free, no-trip fee estimate!

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