Trenchless Sewer Lines in Palo Alto

If your home is more than a few decades old, its sewage lines may be nearing the point of repair or replacement. Keep in mind that age is not the only factor for sewer main servicing, as broken pipes also occur as a result of shifting soil, major tree root penetrations, and a number of other issues.

Whatever the cause of your residential or commercial sewage system repair needs, Rooter Strong has the equipment to fix it right. In addition to running a crew of highly trained local plumbers in, we utilize modern trenchless technology to install sewer lines in Palo Alto. In years past, the only way to repair or replace these pipes was by unearthing them.

As you can imagine, the amount of excavation required to dig up 100+ ft. long sewage lines is quite substantial. The costs are just as high as the resulting dirt piles. Since we know you want to save your wallet and landscape from as much damage as possible, Rooter Strong specializes in pipe relining and bursting!

What are the differences between the trenchless methods?

Pipe relining – this is a cheap and very effective way to restore Palo Alto sewer lines to an optimal state. After inserting a sewer pipe with a slightly smaller diameter into your existing sewage main, Rooter Strong activates an epoxy coated resin that eventually hardens. This process is referred to as the cured-in-place method, and it can be used to repair all but the most major sewer line damage.

Pipe bursting – if our team of master plumbers determines the best course of action is to remove your residential or commercial Palo Alto sewer line, they will use trenchless pipe bursting to do so. The process is simple: dig two access holes (one on either end of the existing line), and pull a new pipe through it. The pressure alone is enough to crumble the damaged pipe into pieces; the end result is the installation of a new line without all the hassle associated with digging.

Hiring a plumber that has experience performing trenchless pipe repair in Palo Alto gives you the opportunity to save a lot of time and money. Instead of having to wait weeks to use your sewage system, Rooter Strong can have the project complete in a couple of days at the latest. Feel free to get in touch today for more information!

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