Tankless Water Heater Repair in Palo Alto

Hot water is a luxury the vast majority of home and business owners in Palo Alto use and rely on every day. When it comes to cooking, bathing, and cleaning laundry, few of us could do without this modern necessity.

Your residential or commercial hot water heater is the one device responsible for making this possible, and chances are it is either a tank style or tankless model. Hybrid water heaters are the newest product on the market, but the vast majority of existing properties feature the other.

Although they each serve the same purpose of delivering a ready supply of hot water, tank-equipped and tankless water heaters in Palo Alto have many differences. Depending on its current age and condition, it is probably in your best interest to upgrade your traditional water heater to a tankless model. Please note that Rooter Strong offers service, repair, and installation services for both types!

Why tankless is the top Palo Alto water heater choice

  • Hot water on demand – whereas with a tank style water heater the capacity is limited by the size of the tank itself, tankless models are linked directly to the source via a heat exchanger. This means you never have to worry about running out of hot water!
  • Cost-efficient – the main problem with conventional Palo Alto water heaters is that they waste a ton of energy. Since they are designed to continually heat the water housed in their tanks, you end up paying for a lot of hot water that goes unused. With tankless water heaters, you only pay for what you use, which thereby significantly reduces your monthly operating costs.
  • Longer lifespans – since metal tanks are prone to corrosion and natural wear and tear, they do not last that long, typically 10 years at most. When properly maintained, tankless water heaters have lifespans up to twice this amount. Home and business owners looking for a long-term plumbing system investment should thus look no further.


It is not hard to see the benefits of upgrading to a tankless water heater in Palo Alto. With years of experience and hands-on training, Rooter Strong’s crew of master plumbers can install one in your home or office with ease. Call us today for a free estimate!

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