Summer Vacation? How To Make Sure You Don’t Come Home To A Plumbing Disaster

40508040_sWhen you go on summer vacation away from the house, it is natural to feel a little uncomfortable at first because you are out of your normal day to day routine. However, worrying about your plumbing while you are on vacation is the last thing that you want to be putting energy into. Instead, follow these simple tips to make sure that your plumbing is in top shape before you leave and your home is protected from flooding:

Ask for help. If you are going to be away from home for several days, it is a good idea to ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to come by your house and check on things periodically. If it is someone you really trust, and you will be gone for weeks, you might even ask them to stay at your house. Having a trusted person know that you are away and checking on your home is a great way to catch problems soon, before they escalate into something that causes significant damage.

Turn off the hot water. If you don’t have anyone staying at your house, then it is safe to turn the water heater either down or, off completely. Your water heater works all day long – every day – to keep the water that is stored in the tank hot. But, when you are on not at your house, this just adds wear and tear to your water heater that is unnecessary. By turning your water heater down or, completely off while you are away you are both conserving electricity and protecting your water heater.

Don’t forget outside. Outside of your house there is a whole other portion of your plumbing system, including: sprinklers, hoses, hose bibs, and irrigation or drip lines. All of these components can develop problems and cause flooding while you are on vacation. Before you leave, take a minute to inspect your outside plumbing and look for signs of damage or cracks. This is especially important if you have your sprinkler or irrigation system set on a timer that you plan to keep in place while you are away.

Going on vacation and relaxing is something that many people look forward all year. Laying in the summer sun, playing in the water, and just getting away from the grind. However, coming back home to a plumbing emergency will ruin those memories for good. Follow these suggestions for making sure that your plumbing is not going to rear any surprises while you’re gone.

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