Why Is A Seismic Earthquake Valve Important?

32407520_sAn earthquake valve, also known as an automatic shut-off valve is designed to be added to your plumbing system as an extra measure to prevent flooding.  These valve monitor water flow and in the instance that the water floor gets higher than the setting, the valve will engage and prevent the water from continuing to flow. Think of these valves as being similar to power strips for your electricity. They are meant to keep your home safe from disaster.

Water leaks can happen in all areas of your home: plumbing pipes, appliances, and water heaters are all areas of your home where you can expect leaks to happen. During an accident or natural disaster these areas of your home are at-risk and an automatic shut-off valve can give you added peace of mind.

Here are some reasons to have an automatic shut-off valve installed:

Avoid floods. Plumbing breaks in your home can quickly lead to expensive water damage. The truth about these leaks is that they can happen at any time day or night. If you and your family are sleeping or, you are not at home the damage caused by these leaks can quickly get out of control leaving you with a giant mess to clean and repairs to make.

Vacation. When you are out of town your home is unprotected from things like burglary, fires and flooding. Even a small leak in your plumbing can cause water damage that will attract mold, mildew, and pests. You could return home from a relaxing vacation to a very stressful scene.

Earthquakes. California residents always have the subject of earthquakes in the back of their minds. The damage that these natural disasters can cause is a serious concern. When the earth moves, it can seriously throw off the water flow in the plumbing of your home and quickly cause leaks and flooding.

An automatic shut-off valve is a simple addition to your plumbing that can have a significantly beneficial impact.

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